Penelope’s “Bowls” are perfect for holding candy, dried flowers, or filled with water topped by a single floating blossom or tea candle.

"Bowls" pair wonderfully with "Chimneys", or other of Penelope's work, and help ground an arrangement on a table or shelf.

Bowls are solid and stable yet convey a sense of lightness and fun.


Penelope’s "Bowls" come in several styles.  Pictured (from top) are Colored Seagrass, Checkerboard, and Fishbowl

Coloured Seagrass is available in: Charcoal, Coffee and Fir

Checkerboard is available in: Blue, Coffee and Fir

Fishbowl is available in: Charcoal

"Bowls" are offered in signed, numbered, limited edition and stand 7” x 6.5" x 2.5"

Coloured Seagrass priced at $190

Checkerboard priced at $200

Fishbowl priced at $550

Please contact Penelope Wurr Glass concerning availability and ordering.

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