Penelope's "Bowties" are one of her favorite flowering arranging vases:  the narrower mid-section

gathers stems together allowing for quick, elegant arrangements.  Assorted organic colours allow mixing

and matching with additional "Bowties", or other Penelope Wurr glass pieces.  

Penelope's "Bowties" come in two styles: Waistcoat (with line) and Segment

Both styles stand 6" x 5" x 2".

Waistcoat colour choices are: Charcoal, Coral, Gold, Rose, Saffron, Teal

Segment colour choices are: Charcoal, Fir, Mocha, Saffron

Offered in signed, numbered, limited editions.

Priced at: (Waistcoat)     $135

              (Segment)       $98


Please contact Penelope Wurr Glass concerning availability and ordering.

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